About Us

Security Express (Antiquarius OÜ) is a distributor of security products established by Koit Väinsalu 1999 in Tallinn.

We sell products and systems of well known international companies Siemens and Geoquip. We also are able to offer any security products of other brands due our cooperation with international distributor ADI.

We have 25 years experience on security market. Already 1992 was Koit Väinsalu one of the founders of AlarmEst (other shareholderes were Bo Christer Ribberfalk, Ants Väinsalu anda Jaan Väinsalu). One of our partners that time was Swiss Cerberus and its distributor branch Alarmcom. For about dozen yars ago Cerberus/Alarmcom became a part of Siemens, however same products and also new ones of the company have been successfully sold in Estonia.

About British company Geoquip and its products you can read on Security Express or Geoquip´s own website. Concerning Estonia it is worth mentioning that Geoquip´s magnetized sensor cable has proven to be a reliable product in our cold environment. Also esasy to install and price competitive against similiar products from other companies. Geoquip i a well known company on international security market and has a wide range of products for prevention and and detection of perimeter against unwanted guests. When there has been a need to protect Estonian borders, military sites, industrial facilities, prisons but also parking- and storage areas, residential areas etc, Geoquip has always had a reliable solution to offer.

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