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ADI is a well known distributor on security market having own branch offices or partners in Europe and in the rest of the world. Security Express has a close cooperation with ADI in Sweden – ADI Safety Line AB. Company website is http://www.alarmsystem.se/ and there can you find products of well known brands on international security market which we offer. ADI has all an installer needs – One-Stop-Security – and due this cooperation with ADI is Security Express able to offer a wide range of products of high quality to our customers.

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TELEALARM is an independent Estonian consultant company concerning design, expert analysis, construction surveillance and project managment of different security systems (intruder alarm, video survaillance, access control och perimeter). An indenpendent consultant protects interests of customers (companies and individuals) who are not necessarily specialists of this field. At the end of the day the customer will save a lot a lot of time and money gettning  maximum security as well. OÜ Telealarm has a website http://telealarm.ee. Telealarm has about 20 years of experience on security market in Estonia and company is a trustworthy partner for you.

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